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ipDIO - The polyglot digital I/O Module
IEC61850 COMTRADE Disturbance Data Transmission
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IEC 60870-5-101
IEC 60870-5-104


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Solutions for Process Automation
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01-08-16 | Now, our product spectrum comprises gateways with integrated PROFIBUS-DP master or slave interface as well as gateways with PROFINET-IO master or slave interface. ipConvPBM, ipConvPBS, ipConvPNS and soon ipConvPNM are based on ipConvLite and are available together with the hardware platform MEC2 PROFIBUS or MEC2 PROFINET.

22-02-16 | From ipLinux OS version 3.5.5 on the VPN solutions IPsec and OpenVPN are supported by all platforms.

15-02-16 | As a device with Profibus or Profinet interface the high performance controllers MEC2 PROFIBUS and MEC2 PROFINET replace the so far used HECPS and HECPM.

17-11-15 | At a workshop of the OPC foundation® from 2nd to 6th of November 2015 in Nuremberg, OPC UA 1.02 Server was successfully tested with OPC clients of other producers.

29-07-15 | Protocol stack security enhancements based on IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850 according to the standard IEC 62351

27-07-15 | We are launching MEC2. The embedded controller impresses with the fivefold performance compared to the predecessor and further considerable features. Optionally available with 3G/GPRS module.

12-05-15 | The IPC191V4 19" 1U, fourth and latest version of our proven industrial PC, is up to three times faster than its predecessor and captivates with a significantly higher processor performance and many more interfaces.

04-05-15 | ipConv goes to the next round with version three. The third generation of ipConv offers a number of new and useful features; some already known functions have been clearly improved. New features among others are the version control, keeping logbooks, license management, operation mode change and language selection.

17-10-14 | IPCOMM participated as exhibitor in IEC 61850 Europe 2014 in Prague - the premier conference and networking forum for substation automation professionals. The ideal information platform to profit from first-hand expert knowledge and to introduce our innovative communication solutions.

15-09-14 | With our latest development ipDIO - a polyglot, high-performance I/O module - and the use of SECIO we launch a product to control and manage engineering systems using many different protocols simultaneously.

28-03-14 | The protocolstack RP 570, Master was developed due to several customer inquiries.

13-02-14 | Our procucts were very well received by visitors of the E-World Essen, the leading European fair for the energy and water industry. Aside from numerous new contacts, regular customers sought the dialogue with us.

01-01-14 | IPCOMM celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since it was created in 2004 we prove our competences in global communication.

01-10-13 | We developed and implemented the protocol stacks ELCOM-90 Initiator, Client and ELCOM-90 Responder, Server on customer request to enable communication with an ELCOM-90 remote control station.

16-09-13 | IPCOMM presents you its new free online service to visualize IEC 61850 SCL files. The web based SCL Explorer provides a quick overview about your SCD, ICD and CID files and allows a simple way to analyze the configuration data contained therein. Give it a go!

15-04-13 | IPCOMM had set up a booth for the second time at the Energy 2013, the world's leading energy technology fair in Hannover. Numerous visitors showed interest in our products, innovations and communication solutions.

18-02-13 | We expanded our hardware range by a 4 kV RS-232 Isolator. A powerful isolation protects your equipment and data against external influences in compliance with the standard IEC 61850-3.

04-12-12 | The recent service for our ipConv customers is a number of training videos visualizing function and usage of ipConv. They also provide assistance in complex processes.

07-08-12 | Within the OPC AE specification, the OPC product familiy is expanded by the protocol stacks OPC AE 1.10 Client and OPC AE 1.10 Server.

25-06-12 | Now Gateway Performance Charts illustrate a comparison of the performance of IPCOMM gateways.

19-06-12 | The new hardware model IPC191I5 19" 1U expands our high end hardware range. With a performance up to 4 times higher than IPC191V3, especially CPU intensive applications are realizable.

30-04-12 | We took part in the Hannover Fair 2012 for the first time and with great success. We established numerous and interesting contacts during the fair.

13-01-12 | After approx. 6 weeks development stage we delivered the protocol stack RP 570, Slave to a swedish power supply company.

30-09-11 | Only three months after the completion of the protocol stack TASE.2, Server, TASE.2, Client is finished and become part of our standard product portfolio.

30-06-11 | Now, development of the protocol stack TASE.2, Server is completed. With immediate effect, we can offer this protocol stack within the ipConv product familiy.

10-05-11 | For a Belgian project we implemented the protocol stack Telegyr 065, Master. The test is done with a respective RTU.

29-04-11 | Although in use for more than ten years, the protocol stack IEC 60870-5-101, Slave has been certified on customer request. Certification was performed by KEMA within two days and without claim.

23-03-11 | The protocol stack Indactic 33/41, 2033, Master was implemented for a Swiss project and can be used on a regular basis in conjunction with the module TCT.

25-01-11 | The protocol stack IEC 61850, Client is certified by KEMA. All tests are successfully passed within one week (record!).

25-03-10 | A new member belongs to our product family. The model SEC2 is especially designed for small applications in decentralised use and is availabe at a particularly low price. The hardware can be used in conjunction with ipConvLite and ipRoute.

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